OmniEarth’s goal of providing global scale analytics to enable better decision making drove us to a completely unique vision for a data source.  While traditional data sources are invaluable for local insights or long term change, we knew that to reach the scale and frequency we envision for the future at reasonable costs we needed to depart from the status quo. OmniEarth has developed its satellite constellation to meet our internal needs for consistency and quality of data while serving the market with unprecedented revisit rates and coverage.



OmniEarth recognizes that the value of an Earth observation system is not just images from space, but understanding long term changes over time.  To be able to see these subtle changes that others may miss OmniEarth has focused on providing scientific quality data.  OmniEarth’s imaging constellation will provide unprecedented radiometric accuracy and repeatability over time.



What tasking?  OmniEarth collects data Everyday. Everywhere.™ so that you are not in competition with the next highest bidder to obtain the data you need.  Others will promise the ability for daily revisit over a site, but they obtain that at the expense of looking elsewhere.  With the OmniEarth solution that isn’t an issue.  We have the data you need, whenever you decide that you need it.



Each satellite images the Earth through a large reflective optical system designed and built by Ball Aerospace.  The optics will provide 2m resolution everywhere in the world.  The satellites use a Time Delay Integration mode and the motion of the spacecraft itself to produce high SNR imagery of the Earth in 5 color bands and 1 high resolution panchromatic channel.



The OmniEarth imaging constellation consists of 15 active satellites phased around the Earth in a 10:30 AM sun-synchronous orbit at an altitude of 680 km above the Earth.  This type of orbit travels over the poles of Earth making a complete orbit about once every 100 minutes.  As each satellite passes overhead it collects a 200 km wide strip of the Earth, with each successive satellite collecting neighboring swaths of imagery over the Earth’s surface with no gaps.  In this manner the OmniEarth constellation captures the entire surface of the Earth every day.



Each satellite will communicate with the ground over the poles.  Commands and telemetry from the satellite will be passed over S-Band while data will be sent at Ka-band at rates up to 4 Gbits per second.  In addition, any users with a qualified ground station and a need for the lowest data latencies possible can directly downlink imagery or even hosted payload data anywhere in the world.


Hosted Payloads

We’ve designed for every watt, every kg, and every spare cubic cm that we are not using for our primary imaging mission to be available for hosting your payloads.  See our page on hosted payloads for more information.


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Everyday.  Everywhere™ -  Your data is always available and being collected whether you are currently a customer or not.  You can also go back in time and look for data even before you knew you needed it, anywhere in the world.


5 MSI Bands, 1 Pan Band - Standard visible bands allow you to keep using the same processes you already use for other aerial and satellite imagery sources.  OmniEarth is committed to selling high quality imagery data for those who know how to use it and higher level analytics for those that don’t.


Single 1030 AM Orbit - Change detection has never been easier.  With a near constant sun angle and a constant nadir look, accurately detecting change has never been easier.  OmniEarth will sell subscriptions to change detection services.


Established Partners - OmniEarth does not want to reinvent the wheel in house.  By partnering with experts in the space industry we can obtain the best system performance for the lowest total cost of ownership.


​Direct downlink -  Anyone with an approved terminal can access a satellite when within 750 km of its ground track. This allows low latency data delivery direct and data privacy.


Hosted Payload Resources Available - Fly your own developed space hardware for unheard of low costs.  Leverage OmniEarth’s investment in our space and ground infrastructure to obtain the lowest possible cost of access to space.  The world is yours.