We offer a variety of geospatial solutions and information services that provide decision makers with the data they need to make informed decisions. OmniEarth specializes in image processing, data fusion, big data and predictive analytics, answering the questions most pertinent to industry, government, and consumers.


Earth imagery, from either high-orbiting satellites or low-flying drones, provides valuable insight into a range of issues and forms the foundation for OmniEarth Analytics solutions. Our resource management and change detection solutions rely on imagery to develop and deliver quantifiable and measurable results to our customers. We can integrate a wide variety of imagery products and have established relationships with a number of satellite imagery providers, as well as with smaller aerial imagery firms.


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OmniEarth’s geo-analytics can help manage your resources - from understanding water consumption to gaining insight into the health of our forests. Satellite and aerial imagery, combined with weather information, population data and other independent datasets, form the basis of specialized algorithms that produce actionable insights for quick and accurate decision making. Viewing change over time gives decision makers the ability to identify overuse or abuse of assets and formulate effective action plans to save time, money and resources.



OmniEarth provides subscription services for all aspects of agriculture - from planting, fertilizing and harvesting to predicting yield information for farmers, insurers and commodity traders. By combining relevant information like imagery, weather and crop health, OmniEarth delivers insight throughout the growing season. Using OmniEarth’s Analytics Platform, customers can access information securely on any internet-connected device, enabling informed decisions.



OmniEarth leverages a variety of satellite and aerial imagery partners to provide subscription-based monitoring of pipelines and other fixed assets. Change-detection algorithms identify differences in and around physical structures, providing customers with up-to-date information to manage and protect valuable assets.



Share OmniEarth’s view of our planet. We’re launching a new 15-satellite constellation, with multiple on-orbit spares, each with up to 80 kg of hosted payload space. This opportunity will provide unique, high temporal and spatial resolution observation with a choice of a nadir or wake-view angle.


The OmniEarth Analytics Platform enables our customers to access new data insights through customized dashboards and analytics. From GIS software integration to mobile dashboard development or data fusion, this capability can be rapidly deployed for custom solutions.